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Learning with an intensive driving course

Accelerated intensive driving courses designed for safe fast passing success and more. One to one training is carried out by skilled intensive specialist instructors and they have expertise to offer comprehensive affordable intensive crash courses for a quicker pass.

A well organised intensive course can offer a good, fast, effective results for learn to drive a car in a realistic short time. Here, we have a range of well designed custom courses which are suitable for people of various levels of experience.

Generally, intensive courses with us last for between 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the learner drivers needs and test appointments times. Each day of intensive car training you will be driving for around 3 to 4 hours with suitable rest times to relax, refresh, discuss and reflect on what you have learnt.

Starting your intensive driving course

To get started properly with an intensive driving course, firstly take an assessment drive with an instructor which lasts for about 90 minutes. This helps to establish a good starting point for your course and they will give you positive feedback also highlighting any areas in your driving which requires attention.

Intensives make a good way to learn simply because your driving lessons are scheduled close together and lessons are longer in duration. As a result of this, good intensive course training often results in positive results as many learners retain both information and skills better this way.

So, if you are looking to start an intense driving course, or simply what to ask a few questions, get in touch with YO Driving School today. Find out the benefits of learning with your locally based intensive car lessons specialist team.